Swim Spa time!!!

19swimspaA swim spa is the combination of a pool and a spa, in which you swim against a current of water or a harness. You will swim in place at your own pace and never have to touch the wall and turn around. Swim spas provide one of the best forms of exercise.
Swim spas are designed for the person who is not ready for a large swimming pool and/or thinks a normal spa is too small. They are ideal for people with a very small yard who want some water type exercise or just have something to float in and have a good time. Some models can even be installed indoors for year round use. The American Heart Association recommends 30-60 minutes of physical activity 3-4 days per week in order to help reduce a chance of heart disease, stroke or diabetes. A swim spa is a great way to do this at a very affordable price. The Above Ground Pool & Spa Company has several sizes in their showroom.
Swim spas are offered in different sizes. Some people may want to put one outside. Others will put one in their house or garage. A unit is available to fit your needs.
Swim spas combine the aspects of swimming along with the benefits of water therapy you get from a spa in one unit, in a size that will fit your needs.

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PH………..What is it?



pH is the measure of the acidity of the water. The lower the pH the more acidic it is and the higher the pH the more basic it is. Maintaining pH, or potential Hydrogen, is simple and easy when you understand just a few basics. pH ranges from 0-14 with 7 being neutral.
Your pool or spa’s pH should be between 7.2 and 7.6. Your eyes pH is between 7.3 and 7.4, so the closer you are to 7.4 the less burning sensation you will have in your eyes. If your pool or spa’s pH is below 7 then the water becomes more corrosive and will start to wear away your metal components. For example your pump, your heater, and it also removes the plasticizers from the vinyl liner & pits the concrete, etc. The Above Ground Pool & Spa Company can test your pool water for FREE.
If you pool or spa’s pH is to high then it will start to build up scale. Scale can begin to form on the warmest parts of the pool, so the heater is the first victim. Scale acts as an insulator on the heat exchanger. That can run up the cost of operating your pool because you have to use more natural gas or electricity. And finally the higher the pH is in your pool or spa the less effective your chlorine will be, and the less sanitized it will be.

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San Antonio Spa Store

storephotos 007A spa is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. It helps you maintain your health and increase productivity by eliminating stress. You can have a premium wellness experience, without the inflated price tag.

Please stop by our showroom for a demonstration. Spas starting at $2999

11110 WYE

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Enjoy Exercising

STOREPHOTO 010 – For sedentary people who haven’t placed a lot of emphasis on exercise in their lives prior to being diagnosed with diabetes, making it a priority now can be difficult. However, exercise is very important in controlling blood glucose levels.

It becomes even more difficult when weight issues prevent strenuous exercise, and may even contribute to further health issues. A great way to not only make exercise possible, but also make it fun is to add a swim spa to the home. A swim spa is easy to incorporate into almost any space, and requires far less room and much less care than a full sized pool. Most home pools are not large enough to get a full workout, but a swim spa that is much smaller is designed to create a current inside the small area that allows individuals to swim in place. Exercise 12 months a year with this economically heated swim machine. Jogging against current is easy on the joints and provides great aerobic workouts. The entire family will enjoy the “hot tub & spa” features of our AGP Swim Spa.
To understand how portable spas, hot tubs and swim spas can help improve overall health and well-being, the Above Ground Pool & Spa Company has a large showroom with several models on display.

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Tired of the same old local pool store routine and run around?

103_0372Tired of the same old pool service company not showing up or answering the phone?
It’s O.K. because The Above Ground Pool & Spa Company Liner Replacements is here to help you with your pool liner problems. We are the #1 pool service company in the South Texas. We are the leading seller of quality pool liners , and we have installed hundreds of pool liners in San Antonio and its surrounding counties.
Whether you are replacing a round above ground pool liner, or an oval pool liner, AGP Company is the foremost expert in pool liner installation. And the quality of our vinyl pool liners is simply better than anything you can purchase anywhere else. Why? Because we care more about you and your pool liner than anyone. This is all we do and we are darn good at it.
Let AGP Liner Replacements help you to make your backyard a paradise on earth. Family, Friends and Backyard Fun… you deserve it!!!

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Why swim lessons?

Landers_poolWith so many sports to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which of the options available to you will ultimately be best for your child.

Should you enroll your child into a sport that you participated in, so that you can offer them advice along the way?

Or should you enroll them in a sport that you have limited knowledge of so they can experience the sport on their own, with no parental bias or pressure?

While I can’t answer this question for you, I can encourage you to consider a different direction.

Numerous studies have shown that swimming, not only recreationally but also competitively, can help improve children’s health and fitness, cognitive processes and social interactions.

Arguably the most important advantage of teaching children to swim is their safety in and around the water; after all, more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered in water.

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Pump damage

flooded pump

flooded backyard

The recent heavy rains caused “flash flooding”. The water may have partially submerged parts of your filter system for a brief time. You may have not have noticed before the water recedes. Please allow the pump to completely dry before testing it. Although the pumps can operate “in the rain” they can be permanently damaged by flooding.

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Vinyl liners and chemical

The liner in your pool is a very durable item designed to give you many years of enjoyment. Proper water chemistry is very important to the life of your liner.
When using granular chlorine, if you pour in a cup in one location, it could fall to the bottom and bleach the liner. That bleach area will start to become very thin and develop holes. Your liner will then start to lose water. Broadcast it slowly around your pool, arms length away from the wall, and brush off any that falls to the bottom. Be sure to follow all safety instructions found on the label.

If you use chlorine tablets and do not use a chlorine feeder and put them in your skimmer basket, this could cause your liner to bleach just below the skimmer and become very thin and start to leak. You should use a chlorine feeder for these tablets. If you maintain a chlorine level with only tablets it will tend to lower the pH and Alkalinity levels of your pool water. Your liner will lose its elasticity if these levels stay low and the liner will become brittle and could split.

You should have The Above Ground Pool & Spa Company regal tabs check your pool water on a regular basis so you can maintain proper levels. Test strips are also available for you to use if you are not close to a pool store. We have stories of customers who have their original liner for over 20 years. We also have customers who replace the liner every few years.

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How to vacuum your above ground pool



The following are generic vacuuming instructions that will work for most above ground pools. As always, see your owner’s manual, ask your installer, and/or speak to the manufacturer for complete instructions for your particular pool:
1. Gather your vacuum hose, telescopic pole, vacuum, and skimmer vac plate.
2. Attach the vacuum hose to the vacuum head which is attached to your telescopic pole.
3. Fill the hose with water. In one hand you should be holding the telescopic pole with the vacuum hose and vacuum brush attached. Make sure you hold the brush under water. In the other hand should be the end of the vacuum hose (that does not swivel) and you can hold it in front of the pool return wall fitting. As the hose fills up with water, you will start to see a lot of bubbles. When the bubbles stop, the hose is full.
4. Take the end of the hose you held in front of the return fitting and go over to the skimmer door. Vacuum plate will fit over your skimmer basket, you put the end of the vacuum hose into the skim-vac that fits over your skimmer basket. If you do not have a skim-vac, you will need to remove the skimmer basket and put the end of the vacuum hose into the opening below the basket. If you do not have a skim-vac, do not vacuum leaves or anything other than dirt as this will clog your plumbing lines and pump impeller.
5. Vacuum the pool slowly. Moving the vacuum head to quickly will only stir up the dirt which has settled on the bottom of your pool. It will look like you have cleaned, but the dirt will eventually “re-settle” on the bottom of the pool. Be sure to keep an eye on your pressure gauge or flow of water back into the pool. If pressure increases or flow decreases you will need to disconnect the hose and backwash or hose of your cartridge before continuing.
6. Make sure you keep the vacuum brush under water.
7. When you are finished, turn the pump off and remove the vacuum hose from the skimmer. This will release the pressure from the hose.
8. Backwash the filter , or hose off the cartridges according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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San Antonio Swim Spas

19swimspaThis is a three function piece of leisure equipment. It is a combination hot tub, swimming pool and exercise machine. Four swim jets provide resistance for swimmers or therapy use and there are 4 models to choose from. We can install this and build decking around it, pointing out the benefits of having a perfectly heated, covered swim spa ready whenever you are. Covered and well insulated, it virtually eliminates maintenance and reduces heating expense. The Above Ground Pool & Spa Company has the largest selection of swim spas on display in South Texas.

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